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On Finland’s Superior Education System

I found this article on Finland’s education system to be quite interesting, as homeschoolers regularly employ many of the same approaches in their schools.  The approaches that are similar to how I homeschool are:

  1. Finnish children don’t start school until they are 7.  Ontario law requires students to be in school as of age 6.  I do not require my children do regular school lessons at an earlier age unless they show an interest in doing so (Delightful wanted to start at age 2!).
  2. Compared with other systems, they rarely take exams or do homework until they are well into their teens.  This pretty much describes our homeschool as well.
  3. The children are not measured at all for the first six years of their education.  My goal in the early years is mastery, not assigning grades.

You can read more about Finland’s system here:


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