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“Why We Chose Robinson Curriculum” from Whole Intentions

Do you remember when I shared that Travis and I had some really good talks while on our second honeymoon? Not only did we talk about changing the way we were raising the kids, we also talked about how our homeschooling life had to make some major renovations.

We read about The Robinson Curriculum online and immediately fell in love with the concept of “less is more”. The idea that we should focus on the three R’s and the rest will follow, really resonated with me. I sometimes felt that we were trying to make the kids so ‘well-rounded’ that we were covering too many subjects. They weren’t getting a really good grasp on any of them. They were getting overwhelmed with the work load and I was getting overwhelmed with the time it took to finish a school day.

We decided to try Robinson Curriculum for the last quarter of the school year and ‘see how it went’.

We’ve never looked back.

Read the rest here:


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