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The Dangers of Classical Homeschooling

Renee Ellison has written an excellent blog post highlighting the dangers of traditional classical homeschooling, in which she states:

Classical education, too, has lead to real death all over Europe and North America—a moral and spiritual death with just as many casualties.  The product of THIS schooling is secularized children.

You can read the rest of her article, entitled “Beware of Classical Education” at her blog here:

Kevin Swanson has also addressed this topic on Generations Radio.  Here is a link to one such show entitled, “Christian Homeschool Girl Turns Atheist – Colleges, Classical Education, & Apostasy”:

Generation Cedar hits on a similar idea in the post “The Problem With Education: We Don’t Know What It Means, But The Government Does”:

Let this be a reminder to those of us who use a classical education method and who are Christian at the same time:  there is classical homeschooling, and there is classical Christian homeschooling, and the two ultimately serve different ends.  My favorite resources on classical Christian homeschooling are:


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