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Harmony Fine Arts at Home — Art and Music Appreciation

Harmony Fine Arts at Home offers affordable art and music history and appreciation courses for homeschoolers of all ages.  This program offers different course options for teaching art and music history and appreciation. The company says, “This is the art and music appreciation program for busy people. We have done all the research and organizing. You are able to open our plan and offer a great program for your children.”  Homeschoolers seem to agree that this is one great program since Harmony Fine Arts at Home received a 2011 Practical Homeschooling award.

I have not incorporated much art and music study into our homeschool since my oldest children have not shown any desire or interest to take art or music courses beyond instrumental music lessons.  My older children will be doing a little bit of art and music history in high school, however, and this is one program I will definitely consider for our homeschool since all the legwork is already done for the teacher and the instructions are easy to follow.

If you are interested in art or music courses for your children, be sure to check out Harmony Fine Arts at Home.  With the number of course options available, you are sure to find something that suits your family’s style and budget.


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