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Our Life of Fred Rave

Here is our rave about Life of Fred from Dr. Schmidt’s “More Raves From Readers” page:

Dear Dr. Schmidt,

I contacted you last spring about using your Life of Fred Math series with my children in our homeschool. I am just writing to thank you and tell you the difference your program has made in our lives. My daughter has gone from struggling with some concepts in math (especially fractions) to absolutely loving the subject…she completed your Fractions course in 2 days because she couldn’t put the text down. Since then, she has diligently worked through each book and is now already in Algebra I at the age of 12. When she did LOF Pre-Algebra II with Economics, she came out of her room one day and asked me to buy her “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” to read for fun. She is actually reading that text right now. As well, she has discovered that she loves doing equations and has covered our white board with practice equations. She even tried to make her signature into an equation until I told her that it had to be her legal name!

Your writing has also inspired her in other ways. My daughter was sad that Fractions is the first course you offer, so she decided to write her own series to teach the basic operations (even getting up at 5 in the morning for a week to work on it!). I have enjoyed reading her chapters on “Addy’s Adventures” of learning addition. Her grandmother, a grade 2 teacher, was quite impressed at the quality of work she produced.

So thank you, Dr. Schmidt. Between you and Art Robinson of the Robinson Curriculum, I have come to strongly believe that children excel more when their parents just step out of the way and let them develop themselves (with guidance of course). I have seen the results with my own two eyes and am confident that my daughter will reach her full potential if she keeps up in this manner!


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