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And A Child Shall Lead Them…

She’s the sweetest, most compassionate little girl I’ve ever met and she’s not even two years old yet.

Tonight, I was having a bath and I needed help getting out of the tub.  For the past few weeks, I have had a searing pain down my leg that makes it difficult for me to move.  I don’t know if it’s pelvic girdle pain or some new pregnancy symptom I’ve never experienced before, but in any case, I couldn’t stand up without having someone help me.  I told Mr. Chivalry I was going to need his assistance if he didn’t want his wife to turn into a prune, and he said he’d be there as soon as he finished helping Delightful.

Feisty was in earshot when I told him that.  She immediately looked at me with concern-filled eyes.  I smiled at her to reassure her that Mommy was okay but just needed a bit of help.  She then looked at Mr. Chivalry and noticed that he wasn’t coming to my aid as fast as he could.  He had a good excuse, but Feisty didn’t understand that.

The next thing I know, she was by the side of the tub taking my hand and trying to lift me up.  It was the most precious thing to have a one-year-old see someone in need and take action to try to offer assistance.  I struggled the best I could with her help because I wanted her to know that I appreciated what she had done and how much it mean to me.  I have never known such a little one to have such an understanding of the needs of others.  It brought a smile to my heart to see what she had done and I told her so.  I hope Feisty never outgrows her compassionate nature.


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