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There are four aspects of music education that a reformed homeschooler may wish to consider:

First, there is the subject of reformed music.  Historically, the reformed churches held to exclusive psalmody in public worship.  When the martyrs went to their deaths, they sang the biblical psalms, not man-made songs and hymns.  We would do our children a great service, both for understanding history and their faith, to teach them to sing the psalms.  Some resources for psalm singing are:

  1. The Genevan Psalter
  2. Pilgrim Ministries Psalm Project
  3. Crown and Covenant Publications
  4. Still Waters Revival Books
  5. Sons of Korah

Second, there is the subject of reformed doctrine and Bible teachings.  Here are some resources my family has found useful for this purpose.  As with any resource, use with discretion:

  1. The Westminster Shorter Catechism to music by Holly Dutton
  2. Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
  3. Judy Rogers
  4. Jamie Soles
  5. Cedarmont Kids CD’s or DVD’s

Here are some samples of Holly Dutton’s music. These are an excellent tool for memorizing the entire Westminster Shorter Catechism. We have really enjoyed Holly Dutton’s catchy tunes and have found them to be a great aid in memorization.We  strongly recommend these CD’s to anyone wishing to study the catechism or systematic theology. They are suitable for all ages. Delightful, 3, has already memorized several songs and Feisty, 14 months, tries to sing along whenever she hears the music. Here are some videos of others who have also enjoyed Ms. Dutton’s music:

Here is the Upton family posted by Uptonmom:

Here is another group of children posted by cindybest1:

In this one, posted by fretbzzz, the line “unchangeable in his being” comes out a bit garbled:

Thank you Ms. Dutton for helping so many of us teach our children. We look forward to hearing more of your work!

Here are some sample of Judy Rogers’ music for your perusal:

Here is an interview with Judy Rogers, a children’s musician. Her songs have been very useful for helping my children hide God’s word in their hearts.

Here are some more videos of her songs:

Go To The Ant:

The Tongue:

If You Love Me:

Third, there is the subject of music history and appreciation.  This can be accomplished through listening to classical music from the different musical eras.  In addition, a print resource can be used if further in-depth study is desired.  Some resources for print study are:

  1. A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers by Melissa E. Craig and Maggie S. Hogan.  This resource can be adapted to all ages.  We will be using this with our children in high school.
  2. How Should We Then Live? by Francis Schaeffer.  This DVD series discusses art and music history and is handy for understanding how worldviews are expressed through the arts.
  3. Composer Study Charlotte Mason Style from Simplest Homeschool Ever.

Fourth, there is the subject of learning to play an instrument.  If a student is interested and the opportunity exists, a student can take lessons and learn how to play one or more instruments.  Our children currently study piano and guitar, although they have studied bagpipes in the past.


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