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We have studied several languages in our homeschool.  Here are the best resources we have used (N.B. Most are not reformed curricula):


Beginner Greek:

A Greek Alphabeterion and A Greek Hupogrammon from the Bluedorns.  This makes a basic course in how to read and pronounce biblical Greek.

Elementary Greek (free online course) — Quartz Hill School of Theology.  We have not used this but it’s worth checking out.


Beginner to Intermediate French:

Nallenart French — this is a Canadian program that lines up with Ontario provincial standards.  Courses available cover from grades 4-9 French.  This is a phonics based program that provides a gentle introduction to the French language.  Some Christian references are incorporated into the program, but they are not reformed.  We black out any pictures of Jesus when we come across them.


Online Hebrew Course — through Free Church Seminary.  We have not actually used this course but it may be valuable for anyone wanting to learn Hebrew.


Beginner Latin:

Artes Latinae Level 1 — this is not a reformed curriculum but our children have enjoyed it very much.  The most trouble they have had is learning to roll their r’s.  Our children like Latin so much they have asked to continue on in their studies through high school.


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