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Eschatology seems to be a neglected subject in many reformed circles.  We do not understand why this is considering how important eschatology is to one’s understanding of the Bible and current events. The original reformers held to a view of eschatology known as “historicism.”  This was in contrast to the counter-reformation eschatologies of “futurism” and “preterism.”  Some resources for studying historicism are as follows:

Who Is the Man of Sin? by Reverend David Silversides

The Historicism Research Foundation.  This website hosts Dr. Francis Nigel Lee’s works on eschatology and offers them for free in pdf format.  Dr. Francis Nigel Lee is one of the leading scholars in this field.  He also maintains a personal website where he offers many more of his works for free.  Click here to visit his website.

The European Institute of Protestant Studies.  This website contains sermons by Ian Paisley and numerous articles pertinent to the study of historicism.

Berean Beacon.  This is a ministry operated by a former Roman Catholic priest who now embraces the reformed faith.  Very informative and insightful.

W.J. Mencarow‘s sermons for Reformation Church.  These are the best sermons we know of on historicist eschatology.  Mr. Mencarow does a thorough job of outlining church history and reformed thought on eschatology.  We strongly recommend this resource.

Greg Price‘s sermons.  Greg Price discusses the different schools of thought on eschatology in his sermon series on the restoration of the Jews.  Highly pertinent because if there is a restoration, then preterism is seriously flawed.

Pastor Steven Dilday.  Another excellent expositor when it comes to eschatology.  Check out his sermons on

Still Waters Revival Books newsletters.  Scroll down for a plethora of resources on this topic.  The Puritans’ Hard Drive sold by this ministry is also a valuable resource for educating oneself on this matter.   The eschatology newsletter can be found here.


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