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Controversial Issues

Here are some resources that may help with the study of different controversial issues from a perspective other than the dominant politically correct humanist religious perspective:

Catch-All Resources:

Still Waters Revival Books


BabyCenter — information on fetal and child development

Embryonic Development videos from The Endowment for Human Development

Jill Stanek’s Pro-Life Blog

Massacre of Innocence — information connecting abortion and occultism

Biblical Counseling Versus Psychology:

Institute for Nouthetic Studies

Birth Control:

Family UNplanning by Craig Houghton


Dr. Judith Reisman — exposes Kinsey’s flawed research and methodology

JONAH — Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing — a Jewish ministry to homosexuals

NARTH — National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality — many resources on same sex sexual attraction from a non politically correct standpoint.


VRAN — Vaccine Risk Awareness Network


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