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Helpful resources are:

An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith

The Puritans’ Home School Curriculum — offers resources from K-12 including courses on the Westminster Catechism and the Westminster Confession.  The Children’s Catechism is included in its Bible Primer.

Learning Bible Truths (Heidelberg) — click on publications order form to order

The Westminster Shorter Catechism to music by Holly Dutton.  Here are some samples of Holly Dutton’s music. These are an excellent tool for memorizing the entire Westminster Shorter Catechism. We have really enjoyed Holly Dutton’s catchy tunes and have found them to be a great aid in memorization. I strongly recommend these CD’s to anyone wishing to study the catechism or systematic theology. They are suitable for all ages. Delightful, 3, has already memorized several songs and Feisty, 14 months, tries to sing along whenever she hears the music. Here are some videos of others who have also enjoyed Ms. Dutton’s music:

Here is the Upton family posted by Uptonmom:

Here is another group of children posted by cindybest1:

In this one, posted by fretbzzz, the line “unchangeable in his being” comes out a bit garbled:

Thank you Ms. Dutton for helping so many of us teach our children. We look forward to hearing more of your work!


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