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Bible and Theology

The study of theology encompasses many topics, from systematic theology to basic Bible doctrine for children to practical Christian living and beyond.  Here are some resources that our family has found useful.

General Theology and Bible Study Resources:

  1. e-Sword — free Bible study software
  2. The Geneva Bible Notes
  3. The King James Bible.
  4. The King James Bible in mp3 audio.
  5. 1611 King James Bible
  6. Trinitarian Bible Society
  7. SermonAudio — sermons from conservative churches
  8. Still Waters Revival Books‘ Puritan Hard Drive — Still Waters offers a plethora of articles and books in the puritan and classically reformed tradition
  9. A Puritans’ Mind – many articles on puritan and reformed theology
  10. Centre for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Here are links to our posts on different Bible subjects:


Character and Child Training

Controversial Issues




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