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Our children generally have an aversion to art lessons so we do not greatly emphasize art in our homeschool.  Here are some resources we have used, although to my knowledge none of these are reformed except for Schaeffer’s book:

Art Appreciation and History:

How To Look At Pictures: A Short History of Painting by Hendrik Willem Van Loon.  This book appears to be out of print.  We inherited it from an elderly family member and will be incorporating this into our high school unit studies.

Daily Warm-Ups: Art History by Walch Education.  We will be incorporating this into our high school unit studies.

How Should We Then Live? The Rise And Decline of Western Thought And Culture by Francis Schaeffer.  This is an excellent resource that traces the effect of worldview on culture with attention paid to the history of music and art.  We will be incorporating this into our high school unit studies.

Art Technique:

Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes.  This is a good curriculum for teaching children how to look at line and shape when drawing an object.  We did do the first lessons on types of lines and Delightful, 3, was proud that she could recognize the different types of lines.

How Great Thou Art — curriculum by Barry Stebbings.  Barry Stebbings has a range of curriculum for teaching art appreciation, history, and techniques.  We did use some of his lessons from Feed My Sheep for teaching about colour and line to our children; however, they were not interested in completing the entire program.


Here is a rubric for grading art that may be of some assistance if your child’s artwork needs to be graded: Rubric For Grading Art.


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