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Robinson and Reading Level

I previously posted a copy of Joyful Light Education’s popular Robinson Curriculum reading list.  This list puts the Robinson reading selections in order of approximate grade level.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I was concerned that my children are working “below” grade level because I started them near the beginning of the curriculum.  I answered that I was not concerned because older books tend to use a higher level of vocabulary and have a more complicated sentence structure.  My view was that the children would benefit from getting used to a different, older style of writing and to Robinson’s testing method with “easier” materials.  That said, the lower level Robinson books are not easy reading.  Case in point:  my children read “Fifty Famous Stories Retold” by James Baldwin.  On Joyful Light’s reading list, this is listed as a “Grade 2” book.  However, the book is also sold at Amazon, which states the book is intended for an age 9-12 reading level.  What is therefore considered “Grade 2” by Joyful Light is considered approximately “Grades 3-7” by Amazon.  Given this, anyone considering using the Robinson Curriculum should have no concerns about the program’s difficulty level because it is definitely not “easy.”


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