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Ottawa Citizen: End State Interference in Education

The Ottawa Citizen calls for divorcing the state from education:

And North America has particularly suffered, not merely from discounting the aesthetic dimension of education, but from centuries of propaganda in which truth has actually been opposed to beauty, and finally (clinched via “political correctness”), the good has been opposed to the true.

We could hardly do worse, than achieve this state in which a child home-schooled in the most derelict family may emerge into adulthood in better moral and intellectual condition than the child criminalized by his peers in the perpetual day care. Not everyone may agree with me, and I assume we’ll need a transitional regime to a de-schooled society.  — [bold emphasis mine]

via Get the state out of education (David Warren, The Ottawa Citizen, September 28, 2010) .

Not sure I would go quite as far as Mr. Warren does in his assertions, but the data does show that homeschooled students tend to outperform government-educated students academically and have higher rates of civic participation as well as slightly higher incomes in adulthood.  See HSLDA’s research here.


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