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The Real Robinson, Day Two

Today went almost as smoothly as yesterday except for the fact that I was completely exhausted.  Feisty was teething last night and was up crying every 15 minutes at one point.  Despite my tiredness, the children’s schooling was, for the most part, unaffected since they are mostly independent learners :-).  Today, the children completed the following (at least this is what my tired mind can remember):

  1. Four sections of Life of Fred math
  2. One logic lesson from The Fallacy Detective
  3. Drilling Robinson Book 1′s vocabulary
  4. Keyboarding practice
  5. A short writing lesson from Understanding Writing
  6. One page of writing on a topic of the student’s choice.  This was done in handwriting for penmanship practice.  Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are incorporated into writing.
  7. Working at memorizing a poem from the Dialectic section of the Harp & Laurel Wreath
  8. Reading for two hours.  Gentle Giant finished one book and started a new one.  Spunky is almost done her book.
  9. A lesson in either Greek (Spunky) or Latin (Gentle Giant)
  10. A personal devotion
  11. Practicing a Westminster Shorter Catechism song
  12. An art lesson using Drawing With Children

The above does not include “extracurricular” activities which are, of course, also educational.  Gentle Giant’s Lego Robotics competition team met tonight.

The only downside of using the Robinson Curriculum so far has been that I miss my children since they don’t need me to hold their hands while they work.  However, I know that this is the best thing for them since I will not be sitting beside them for the rest of their lives.  Anyway, I do get to see the older ones a lot in the afternoon so I get to connect with them then.  In any case, Delightful has decided to use up my new free time by having me teach her lessons.  It’s so wonderful to have a child think school is fun because she has never experienced anything different!


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