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The Real Robinson, Day One

Today was our first day using the actual Robinson Curriculum.  We are not following it exactly as I have tweaked it to work for our family’s needs.  However, I have found the teacher’s manual to be very helpful and would recommend its purchase to anyone looking to implement a Robinson-style curriculum.  Today the children focused on the following:

  1. Four sections of Life of Fred math
  2. One logic lesson from The Fallacy Detective
  3. Drilling Robinson Book 1’s vocabulary
  4. One page of writing on a topic of the student’s choice.  This was done in handwriting for penmanship practice.  Spelling and grammar is incorporated into writing.
  5. Working at memorizing a poem from the Dialectic section of the Harp & Laurel Wreath
  6. Reading for two hours.  Both students are currently reading historical literature so they are doing two subjects at the same time.
  7. A lesson in either Greek (Spunky) or Latin (Gentle Giant)
  8. A personal devotion
  9. Practicing a Westminster Shorter Catechism song
  10. Playing at the park (gym)

The children were finished formal schooling, ie. the 3 R’s, in less than 4 hours each.  The rest of the time was spent walking to and from the park and playing at the park.  We sang our catechism songs as we walked.

Overall, the atmosphere in our house was very relaxed and peaceful.  The children were excited about their work and enjoyed their day.  Delightful even got into the act and tried to break and enter into the children’s work area.  She ended up doing “lessons” in math, writing, reading, and Greek (her choice!) at her own insistence, doing very well for a 3-year-old.  The children’s thoughts on today were as follows:

“School rules thanks to you Mom!” ~ Spunky

“This is the best school ever” ~ Gentle Giant

The last comment about sums it up.


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