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She Can’t Walk But She’s Using the Potty!

Previously I wrote about how Feisty has been trying to teach herself the alphabet and learn to read even though she can’t talk yet in She Can’t Talk But She’s Learning to Read!.  It seems that Feisty has decided to add to her repertoire.

After watching Delightful use the toilet this summer, Feisty has decided that she is capable of using it, too — and she has actually been doing so!  Whenever she is in the bathroom, Feisty puts our Dora potty seat on the toilet and stands beside the toilet fussing until someone puts her on it.  She then proceeds to use it while she plays with as much toilet paper as she can possibly get her hands on.  She has successfully used the toilet at least 5 times now and these were not all coincidences.

The only challenge we are having with this at the moment is that Feisty has also decided that she should be able to wear underwear like her big sister.  This would be great if she was:

a) older than 14 months; and

b) able to communicate with us in English.

After trying to reason with her on this today, we thankfully did manage to convince her that wearing some of Delightful’s underwear over her diaper is just as cool as wearing the underwear on its own.

Oh that all children could be this easy to toilet train!  Hoping this isn’t just a passing phase…


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