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Further Robinson Update

All right…scratch the plan to ideally be at the grade 8 level of the Robinson booklist by the end of the year.  Spunky just tried one of the exams for a lower level book and found it quite challenging.  In fact, she didn’t understand all of the vocabulary being tested in the exam.

Out of curiosity, I asked a family member, who is a public school teacher, about the vocabulary for the reading selection.  That family member said words like “vanguard” are definitely not primary-level words.  So…even if we don’t get to “grade 8” on the Robinson list, we will still be working at a challenging and age-appropriate level of instruction.  And if we do get there, I have to conclude that we will be working way above what our public schools are doing given the feedback I just received.  Now I, as a parent, can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I really am on the right track when it comes to educating my children!


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