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Why We Homeschool

These are the reasons we homeschool in a nutshell:

  1. Academics — We want to give our children the best academic education possible and this includes teaching them to think for themselves.  Homeschooling enables us to give our children an education that in our experience has proven to be vastly superior to the one they were receiving in the government schools.
  2. Family — Homeschooling strengthens families.  Being in each other’s company every day has enabled us to foster strong relationships with our children and give our children a healthy sense of belonging and stability.
  3. Opportunities — Government schools are required to follow a scope and sequence of what children must study each year.  Homeschooling has no such restrictions, enabling our children to receive an education on a wider range of topics and interests.
  4. Morals — Government schools promote a secularistic, humanistic, and relativistic worldview.  We are not secularists, humanists, or relativists.  As a result, we cannot in good conscience turn our children over to a system that is designed to destroy their faith and values.
  5. Safety — Our children were bullied in the government schools.  Children should be free to learn in a place where their personal safety and well-being are not being threatened.  The government schools could not provide this sort of environment for our children.  Homeschooling can.
  6. Social — We believe in vertical rather than horizontal socialization, meaning children should learn to get along with people of all ages and not just their own age group.  Government schools, with their artificial age-segmented environments, generally do not allow for this to happen.  Homeschooling enables children to interact daily with individuals of a variety of ages in a variety of circumstances.  Only homeschooling has truly taught our children how to function in the real world, and this is demonstrated in part by the constant compliments our children receive from complete strangers, specifically on their social skills, whenever our children are in public.

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