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A Child’s View of Robinson

Anyone  investigating the Robinson Curriculum who has concerns about the workload might like to read this.  Below is a paragraph Spunky wrote me after we started trying more of a Robinson approach to school.  I asked Spunky and Gentle Giant to write me one paragraph a day for starters as a review.  We will be moving up to longer writing assignments in September after we have had a vacation.  Spunky has given me permission to post this:

A few days ago, my mom said that I have to write a paragraph every day.  At first it sounded horrible, but after learning that we are allowed to write about anything, I find it quite enjoyable.  One of my few objectives is to write about stuff that will make my mom happy and that will make her laugh.  Most (or some) of the time, I think that it is horrible to have to write paragraphs, but when it comes to making people happy, I am all smiles.

Spunky completed this assignment with ease in a matter of minutes.  One year ago, after coming out of the public school system, she could not write a paragraph without significant assistance.  The fact that she can now independently put together several sentences on one topic is very exciting to me.  I can’t wait to see how much more she improves this year!


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