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Notebooks and Names

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose; By any other name would smell as sweet.”  — Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet ~

One of the things I aim to do is inspire my children to see learning as a lifelong process full of opportunity and excitement.  One way I have found to do this is to have the children create their own notebooks for storing their schoolwork and any other interesting and related information they discover.  A couple of weeks ago, I helped the children create new notebooks out of binders, to be used until they are full.  Each child came up with his or her own series of notebooks as follows:

  1. Gentle Giant has created the “by Gentle Giant” series and has notebooks such as “Math by Gentle Giant” and “Literature by Gentle Giant.”
  2. Spunky came up with individual titles for each of her notebooks such as “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth by Spunky” and “Spunky’s Amazing Discoveries of the Past.”
  3. Delightful created the “Delightful Learns….” series and has titles such as “Delightful Learns Bible Stories and Literature,” “Delightful Learns To Draw,” and “Delightful Learns About Nature.”

Giving the children some freedom with respect to the style of their notebooks helps stoke their enthusiasm for learning and recording their discoveries.  I have also given them the option of writing on regular lined paper or having me make notebook pages with clipart for them to use.  With the Robinson Curriculum‘s approach of requiring a certain amount of writing to be done each day, I am sure these notebooks will fill up fast!


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