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The Robinson Puritan Divide

Anyone familiar with the Puritans’ Home School Curriculum (PHSC) may be wondering how on earth I am going to integrate the PHSC with the Robinson Curriculum given that the PHSC Teacher’s Manual explicitly singles out the Robinson Curriculum for criticism.  This is due to the fact that some of Robinson’s book selections promote thinking which is contrary to the historic reformed faith.

To take this into consideration, I took the Robinson booklist as sorted by grade level here and added the PHSC’s recommendations for each subject to the list.  I will ensure we cover selections from each curriculum while at the same time upholding the truths of our faith as the standard.  The PHSC contains a lot of non-fiction, so with our current reading program of one hour non-fiction and one hour fiction a day, I will be able to balance off the PHSC’s selections against literature chosen from Robinson.  Together this should make for a stellar education without sacrificing beliefs or academics.

My children have complained that some of the PHSC texts are rather dry, but I would prefer to continue using them for the information they contain about the historic reformed faith.  I am also happy with the PHSC’s high school literature selections and the fact that the teacher lectures are included in the teacher’s manuals.  I will be able to include those lectures with each reading selection to convert the texts into a self-study format.  All PHSC texts also come with exams and assignments, which makes it easy to tweak the courses for independent learning.

Overall, the strategy of dividing reading time between non-fiction and fiction has worked superbly.  School at this time, excluding fiction reading, is taking the children at most 3 hours a day.  The funny thing is, they are actually covering more material in that time than they used to when I scheduled separate time for each subject.  I look forward to learning about how I can further streamline our studies!


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